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April 2019 Archives

Common traits that can kill a relationship

Couples in Arizona know that contempt in a marriage can lead to divorce. Other common traits that lead to marriages falling apart include stonewalling, criticism and sarcasm. There are many factors that can lead to a person developing these traits, including silent relationship killers that some marriage mates are not even aware of.

Practical tasks after the divorce is finalized

When Arizona couples decide to divorce, they may imagine that all major matters will be handled by the time the family court finalizes the end of their marriage. However, the divorce decree may be only the beginning of some of the most important practical steps to make the property division agreement a reality, as making an agreement does not complete the actual separation of assets.

Joint custody is becoming the norm in divorce cases

When family law judges in Arizona and around the country make child custody decisions, their primary concern is the welfare of the children involved. There was a time when the prevailing belief was that children fared better when they were cared for by their mothers, and judges generally awarded sole physical custody. However, things began to change in the late 20th century when research revealed the benefits of joint custody, and now these arrangements are rapidly becoming the norm.

Courts can adjust child support and custody orders

Parents across Arizona and other states file for separation and eventually divorce their former spouses because of issues ranging from cheating to financial problems. During the proceedings, the judge will look at factors and determine both a child support order and a custody agreement. This order will name one person as the custodial parent and the other individual as the noncustodial parent. People can request a modification or change in either order if they think that they need one.

What if your child wants to move in with your ex?

Divorce is challenging in so many ways. Just when you feel the worst is over, a new problem crops up: Your child wants to live with your ex who is considering a job transfer to another state. You share joint custody with your former spouse. You are the primary caretaker because his job requires traveling. 

Avvo Client Review

5 Stars

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