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Best Attorney
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Enforcing Court Orders That Have Been Ignored

It is not uncommon for one side in a divorce to stop complying with court orders. This often happens in the areas of child support, legal decision-making, physical custody, parenting-time and property/debt division. At Law Office of Katherine Kraus, PLLC, we help parents in getting all these orders enforced.

Negotiating Needed Child Support Modifications

Child support enforcement is the most common kind of enforcement. Many custodial parents go to court and win a judgment to be paid — and still they are not paid. This is when enforcement becomes necessary.

Arizona provides a number of ways to enforce child support orders. If you are the party seeking enforcement, you may:

  • Seek to have the other party placed in contempt
  • Ask that the wages of the noncompliant parent be garnished
  • Ask that the arrearage be taken by bank levy
  • Put a lien on their house or car
  • Have the nonpaying parent cited for contempt

The state has additional measures it can impose. It can:

  • Suspend the noncompliant parent’s driver’s license or other state licenses
  • Intercept tax refunds
  • Intercept lottery winnings
  • Deny passport requests

Attorneys Skilled At Obtaining Child Support Enforcement

By law, child support is one bill everyone must pay. Nonpaying parents take extraordinary measures to avoid past-due payment: They may move out of state, change identities or change ownership of their car or home to another person to avoid confiscation. Collecting court-ordered support can be quite a challenge.

Hire Katherine Kraus, to be your child support collection law firm. We have helped hundreds of parents to crack this difficult nut. We also work with noncompliant parents who have logical reasons for being unable to pay to start making a dent in arrearages, until they are able to resume full payment.

This is a difficult problem, but together we can solve it. You are invited to a case discussion with us at our Peoria office. Call 623-239-0015 or tell us about your problem by email.