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Common traits that can kill a relationship

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | Divorce

Couples in Arizona know that contempt in a marriage can lead to divorce. Other common traits that lead to marriages falling apart include stonewalling, criticism and sarcasm. There are many factors that can lead to a person developing these traits, including silent relationship killers that some marriage mates are not even aware of.

One common silent relationship killer is invalidating emotions. If a person feels invalidated in their relationship, this can lead to them feeling disconnected and unheard. When these two things are combined, relationships often fail. The tough thing about this is that a person may not even know they are offending their partner. For example, one individual may remark that it is hot outside, and the other may say that it is not that hot. These offhanded remarks can add up.

When unhealed resentments build up in a marriage, divorce may be on the horizon. Resentment comes in the form of using sarcasm, being passive-aggressive or making snarky comments about different topics. If a person wants to make their marriage last, open and honest communication are better routes to take.

Many couples imagine growing old together. However, they do not always think of the changes that will take place through the years. Some people feel that they have outgrown their marriage mate. This often becomes apparent when distractions are no longer there, like when the children move out of the home. It is good to know that change is inevitable and that couples often have more success when they work to move in the same direction.

Some have decided to make a fresh start by filing for divorce. However, they may have questions about child custody, visitation plans and property division. A family law attorney may assist a client as they file for divorce and deal with issues that arise throughout the separation proceedings.

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