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Best Attorney
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Fighting For Fair Parenting-Time

Parenting-time refers to which parent the child lives with. In a very broad sense, there are two kinds of parenting-time: equal and unequal.

Who Gets To Decide?

In deciding on a parenting-time plan, a judge considers many factors:

  • What kind of relationship the parent has had with the child
  • How the parents interact the child’s brothers and sisters, plus anyone else who may significantly impact the child’s best interests
  • How the child is currently adjusted to home, school and neighborhood
  • How the child feels about parenting-time, provided the child is of an age or mature enough to have an opinion
  • The mental and physical health of parents and the child
  • Whether either parent is open to allowing the child frequent, meaningful and continuing contact with the other parent
  • Whether there are reports of violence or child abuse in the family
  • Whether coercion or duress were involved in obtaining a decision-making or parenting-time agreement
  • Whether either parent has been convicted of false reporting of child abuse or neglect

Question: Do You Really Need A Lawyer?

If you and your ex-spouse are in complete agreement and have a parenting plan in place that both can embrace, you may not need a lawyer at all. But in most cases, there is an enormous amount of emotion related to having access to the children of the marriage. It is a difficult situation requiring thoughtfulness and knowledge of the law. That is what we provide for our clients.

We also assist with modifications to parenting plans so the courts are made aware of significant changes, including relocation.

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