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Best Attorney
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Questions You Should Answer In A Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements may sound unromantic, but they are very helpful in resolving misunderstandings about money and about responsibilities within the relationship. They are important when substantial assets are involved. But they are also useful when the marriage results in a blended family with kids on both sides.

A prenup is your opportunity to state your expectations in the marriage you are entering into. It’s a great opportunity to be very clear to your spouse-to-be and also with yourself. You get to decide such things as:

  • Who manages the money and pays the bills and taxes?
  • Will you have your own bank accounts, or will you share them?
  • Will you commingle assets that are presently yours alone?
  • How do your children from before this marriage fit into the picture?
  • Who will get what if the marriage ends in divorce?
  • What happens to debts you have already incurred?
  • If you use your premarital assets to buy a home, will you share it or should you be repaid?
  • Who pays alimony or child support from a previous marriage?

Prenups With Teeth Provide Clarity For Both Sides

The truth is, many prenuptial agreements are so loosely constructed that courts pay no attention to them. We will draft a document that will stand the test of later litigation, if it comes to that.

In addition, we represent clients in the Phoenix area who feel their prenup was weak, coerced, illegal or fraudulent in any way. We also write postnuptial agreements for couples who decide to commit their intentions on paper even after they have committed to one another.

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