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August 2018 Archives

School planning after a divorce

Divorced parents in Arizona can use the transition time that is the start of the school year to help their children with the transition of divorce as well. They may want to think about what they want their children to learn in the school year and talk to them about their goals and challenges.

Financial issues and divorce

Arizona residents who are considering getting a divorce may be concerned with how the process may affect their financial affairs. Instead of allowing the issue to cause them significant stress, divorcing individuals should take the important step of focusing on their finances, particularly their assets, income, liabilities and expenses.

How child support cases are classified

Child support cases in Arizona and throughout the country have four different designations. They are labeled as IV-D, IV-A, IV-E and non-IV-D. A case may have several designations over time as the needs and circumstances of the parent and child evolve. A case that has an IV-D designation means that a custodial parent is receiving assistance from the Office of Child Support Enforcement. This may include help tracking the parent down or getting a child support order established.

Dividing retirement assets during divorce takes time

When people who have been married for a long time decide to get a divorce in Arizona, they likely have many marital assets to divide. Retirement savings plans from work, like 401(k) plans and pensions, as well as Individual Retirement Accounts often represent significant assets that might require weeks or months to value correctly. Before plan administrators can distribute funds, they also need a court order called a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to release the money as part of a divorce settlement. The parties cannot simply request the funds themselves without going through the court on certain types of plans.

Common marital problems

Marriage does not always end "happily ever after." Marital life comes with various struggles that are sometimes difficult to overcome. Every marriage has issues every now and then, but sometimes they get so serious that divorce is inevitable. 

Avvo Client Review

5 Stars

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