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September 2018 Archives

The health consequences of a divorce on older people

Experts say that divorce may be on the rise for people who are 50 and older because women are no longer as dependent on men financially, people's expectations for marriage have changed and people are living longer. However, older adults in Arizona who divorce might also be putting themselves at risk for various health problems along with financial problems and social isolation.

Why a prenup may be the best solution for some couples

Some people in Arizona may be uncomfortable with the idea of a prenuptial agreement. They might worry that having one will make them more likely to divorce, that family members may object or that they might have to admit to embarrassing secrets such as debt or bankruptcy. However, creating a prenup can be a good opportunity to have an honest conversation about money.

"Gray divorce" continues its upward spiral

Although the number of total U.S. marriages that end in divorce is consistently around 50 percent, there has been a slight decrease in that trend overall in recent years. When one looks at the marriages of people over age 50, however, the statistics tell a different story. Since 1990, half of all marriages for those over age 50 end in divorce. For those over age 65, divorce rates have tripled.

Do you need a reason to file for divorce in Arizona?

You may be preparing to file for divorce, and well-meaning people are asking you what reason you will tell the court. Is your spouse cheating on you or being abusive? What if you are simply unhappy in your marriage, without any clear implications of fault? Understandably, these questions could make you apprehensive about filing. You and other Arizona residents may find it helpful to understand how no-fault divorce works.

How wedding dates are connected to divorce rates

When couples in Arizona decide to marry, the last thing that may occupy their mind is how their wedding date could be related to their future happiness. Couples select wedding dates for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes, they select a particular date that is important or sentimental for the couple. At other times, couples choose a time and date that is most convenient for family or that offers a discount at the wedding venue. Others may choose a holiday or other special occasion. According to one study conducted at the University of Melbourne, there is a correlation between certain wedding date selections and a couple's later likelihood of divorce.

Avvo Client Review

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