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Certain personality traits don't work in a marriage

There are many different personality traits that could determine if a person is going to have a successful marriage. For instance, if a person has a fragile ego, it could mean that he or she looks for attention from other people. If an individual shies away from conflict, it may hinder the relationship's progress. This is because arguments are what allow couples to communicate and resolve issues in a healthy and timely manner.

If one person constantly cares for the other without accepting anything in return, it may mean that he or she is in a failed relationship. This is because the individual providing the care is trying to assert a level of control over the other. He or she is essentially saying that the other partner brings nothing of value to the relationship. Those who value material possessions may also struggle in a relationship.

How TCJA could make divorce more expensive

Getting a divorce has always been a very expensive process. Due to the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, however, soon-to-be exes in Arizona may find that divorce will be even more expensive if they separate after 2018.

There are number of provisions in the TCJA that will apply to divorcing couples. These provisions directly affect alimony and child support.

Impact of video games on divorce

There are a number of factors that can lead to divorce. Infidelity and drug problems have frequently received blame for divorces throughout the last few decades. However, there is a new factor that could lead to an increase in divorce, and it is video games. More specifically, the popular video game Fortnite has received blame for contributing to divorces this past year.

Arizona is a no-fault state for divorce. That means a couple does not necessarily need a reason to separate. They can merely claim they have grown apart. One way people can grow apart is if one dedicates all of his or her time and energy on playing a video game the other spouse does not enjoy, which can be the case with Fortnite. 

Winning back child custody

Child custody disputes can be incredibly stressful. For parents who have lost custody of their children, knowing that the court thinks their kids are better off with somebody else can be emotionally debilitating. However, there are ways to win back custody in Arizona.

It's important for the parent to be honest with themselves about what factors led to the court's decision. Family court judges are required to make decisions based on a child's best interests. A parent who has lost custody should consider the ways in which they could be better as a parent and make changes.

The health consequences of a divorce on older people

Experts say that divorce may be on the rise for people who are 50 and older because women are no longer as dependent on men financially, people's expectations for marriage have changed and people are living longer. However, older adults in Arizona who divorce might also be putting themselves at risk for various health problems along with financial problems and social isolation.

The stress of divorce can make some medical conditions worse, particularly those that are more common among older adults such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Older people may be at risk for depression and anxiety, and they might try to cope with unhealthy behaviors such as overeating, overspending or misusing alcohol. Since women often are in charge of maintaining social ties in a relationship, men are at greater risk of isolation after a divorce while women are at greater risk of financial hardship.

Why a prenup may be the best solution for some couples

Some people in Arizona may be uncomfortable with the idea of a prenuptial agreement. They might worry that having one will make them more likely to divorce, that family members may object or that they might have to admit to embarrassing secrets such as debt or bankruptcy. However, creating a prenup can be a good opportunity to have an honest conversation about money.

It can also be important for people who are bringing assets into the marriage. With a prenup, they may be able to ensure that they are able to keep the assets in a divorce. The same is true if one person owns a business. The other spouse might get a share of the business if there is no prenup in place.

"Gray divorce" continues its upward spiral

Although the number of total U.S. marriages that end in divorce is consistently around 50 percent, there has been a slight decrease in that trend overall in recent years. When one looks at the marriages of people over age 50, however, the statistics tell a different story. Since 1990, half of all marriages for those over age 50 end in divorce. For those over age 65, divorce rates have tripled.

Many lay observers find these numbers difficult to fathom, wondering how things could go wrong in a marriage so late in the couple's life. People who were previously married, some more than once, and others whose first marriage came later in life are included in these overall totals. The majority of gray divorces are simply couples who, despite years together, came to the point where they decided it was better to go their separate ways, primarily because they were no longer happy together.

Do you need a reason to file for divorce in Arizona?

You may be preparing to file for divorce, and well-meaning people are asking you what reason you will tell the court. Is your spouse cheating on you or being abusive? What if you are simply unhappy in your marriage, without any clear implications of fault? Understandably, these questions could make you apprehensive about filing. You and other Arizona residents may find it helpful to understand how no-fault divorce works.

In the past, people had to cite a reason they wanted to end their marriages. For example, a wife might have claimed abandonment or adultery if her husband left her for another woman. A husband may have had to claim emotional or physical cruelty if his wife was abusive. Other valid divorce claims included impotency or imprisonment. Fortunately, you no longer have to come up with a specific reason to seek a divorce, as all states today recognize no-fault divorce, according to FindLaw.

How wedding dates are connected to divorce rates

When couples in Arizona decide to marry, the last thing that may occupy their mind is how their wedding date could be related to their future happiness. Couples select wedding dates for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes, they select a particular date that is important or sentimental for the couple. At other times, couples choose a time and date that is most convenient for family or that offers a discount at the wedding venue. Others may choose a holiday or other special occasion. According to one study conducted at the University of Melbourne, there is a correlation between certain wedding date selections and a couple's later likelihood of divorce.

When analyzing the marriage and divorce records of a million couples, the researchers found that Valentine's Day weddings taking place on Feb. 14 were most strongly associated with a higher divorce rate. Within five years after the wedding, 11 percent of couples married on the holiday are divorced. Within nine years, 21 percent had chosen to end their marriages. According to the study, Valentine's Day was not the only day linked to a higher divorce rate: Other "special number days" like Sept. 9, 1999, were also correlated with a greater likelihood of a split.

Control your emotions and take charge of your divorce

At best, divorce is difficult. It can be complex, but it need not be so rancorous that you feel bruised and beaten as a result.

If you can control your emotions and look at your divorce in more businesslike terms, you will be able to take charge and work toward a more positive outcome.

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