Attorney Katherine Kraus

Best Attorney
in Peoria!!!

Best Attorney
in Peoria!!!

Experienced Counsel For Divorces With High Assets

If you are going through a divorce and have to divide complex or high-value assets, you need attorney whose experience you can trust. You stand to lose a great deal. Protect your assets and your rights by working with us at the Law Office of Katherine Kraus, PLLC, in Peoria.

Our attorneys draw from their considerable experience handling high-asset divorces to protect your rights and help you secure a fair, equitable asset division arrangement. Because we focus on family law and only family law, we bring an extraordinary depth of knowledge to divorce cases.

Fierce Advocacy Throughout Your Case

As an equitable distribution state, Arizona family law judges issue asset and debt division arrangements that are equitable, but not necessarily equal. This leaves a great deal of room for interpretation from a judge who does not know you.

As your divorce lawyers, we advocate tenaciously for your best interests when it comes to issues such as:

  • Valuing a business or professional practice
  • Dividing stock options
  • Dividing multiple real estate properties
  • Seeking qualified domestic relations order (QDRO)
  • Uncovering hidden or dissipated assets

We regularly work with certified divorce lending professionals (CDLPs) who help people going through a divorce make wise decisions regarding mortgage planning. Through our attorneys’ skills as negotiators, they usually help our clients reach compromises out of court. As needed, our attorneys will also litigate your divorce in court.

Staying Professional And Calm In Stressful Divorces

The issues in high-asset divorce are often hotly contested. Things can quickly become contentious. Although you cannot control the other party’s actions, you can control yours. When you work with us, we take a calm approach, provide an objective perspective and keep things as amicable as possible. While this cannot guarantee that your ex behaves calmly as well, it can minimize your stress significantly.

Discuss Your Rights With A Divorce Attorney Today

When so much is at stake, seek the counsel of Law Office of Katherine Kraus, PLLC. Discuss how we can help preserve your assets by setting up a free initial consultation. To reach us, please call 623-239-0015 or send us an email.