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December 2018 Archives

Why most parents should share custody

Research suggests that parents in Arizona and throughout the country share custody of their children if possible. This is true even if the child is a toddler. Generally speaking, allowing a child to stay overnight with a mother or father is not going to harm their development. Furthermore, having both parents share custody can be good for the family as a whole. Children in such an environment had fewer mental, physical and behavioral problems.

How will divorce impact your taxes?

Divorcing your spouse has implications on virtually every aspect of your life, including taxes. Filing your taxes is already complex enough, so you may have some concerns about how the divorce will make it even worse. Getting a divorce does not necessarily make your taxes more complicated, but it certainly changes a few things.

Dividing a small business during a divorce

An Arizona business owner going through a divorce may be concerned about how a split will affect their enterprise. Whether the business is owned by one spouse alone or jointly owned by both partners, it is important to have an accurate valuation of the company's worth before entering into divorce negotiations. In some cases, the business may be the largest single asset divided in the divorce. This may require looking at the current value as well as the potential for future expansion.

Parental alienation claims might be used to excuse abuse

It is generally important for children in Arizona to benefit from the presence of both parents in their lives, including after a high-conflict divorce. However, this issue can be complicated in the presence of abuse, including domestic violence against a parent or physical, sexual or mental abuse of a child. The issue of parental alienation is raised in court in contentious custody cases, but the realities behind such claims can be more complex than they first appear.

How visitation schedules are created

If a parent in Arizona is not granted custody of a child, that person is likely to be granted visitation rights. However, a visitation schedule may not look the same for all households. In some cases, a parent may be allowed to see a child on weekends or on alternating weeks. It is also possible that a parent will get to his or her child during school vacations or during the holidays.

Making divorce easier for children during the holidays

Parents and children in Arizona normally enjoy a healthy mix of enjoyment and anxiety during the holidays due to the bustle of activity characteristic of this time of the year. However, families dealing with the added dynamics of divorce and the logistics of two households often face added dilemmas. Tension between exes can further complicate matters, which is why the recommendations discussed below are often made to help parents still experience the joy of spending the holidays with their children without added stress.

How to help your teen cope with your divorce

Divorcing with children of any age comes with unique challenges, but there are specific issues you must address when you have a teenager. Teenagers are old enough to understand divorce more than young children, which can make it an even more damaging process for them. 

Avvo Client Review

5 Stars

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