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June 2018 Archives

Couples hurry to finalize divorces in 2018

Arizona couples who are planning to divorce may have some extra incentive provided by federal tax law to act as quickly as possible to finalize their splits before the end of 2018. As part of a package of tax reforms, changes are coming to the handling of key issues. Many divorcing spouses may wish to avoid these changes and the potential they could represent for an additional tax burden.

Many divorcing parties might find this Supreme Court case relevant

Judicial ping-pong was certainly not envisioned by either an ex-wife or the adult children of a man from a former marriage who died leaving a life insurance policy. Both the former spouse and the kids voiced a clear-cut claim to the proceeds, expecting to win based on bedrock notions of American law.

How a parent's disability may alter child support payments

A disability may create financial struggles for parents in Arizona who pay child support as well as those who receive it. If the income of the parent who pays support is reduced due to that parent's disability, both parents may end up in a more challenging financial situation, but a court attempts to balance a parent's income with the parent's obligation to support the child.

Restrictions that may happen during the divorce process

People in Arizona who are going through a divorce should be aware that there might be restrictions on how they use money, their movements and even where they go with their children. While laws vary from state to state, there are some broad guidelines that should be followed. One divorce attorney was surprised to learn that in her own divorce, she had to pay her husband's health insurance for several months. During a divorce, the insurance situation between spouses must stay the same. The courts are mindful of the high cost of health care, and one spouse is not permitted to remove the other from an insurance plan before the divorce is finalized.

My ex constantly messages me on social media. Is that stalking?

Breaking up is hard for most people. For some, it can feel next to impossible to move on. This does not mean you should put up with annoying or harassing behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable or afraid for your safety. Laws in Arizona should protect you from stalking, but you might feel confused as to whether the behavior you are experiencing with your ex qualifies as such.

How unemployment can impact a child support order

If a noncustodial parent in Arizona loses their job, that doesn't absolve them of making child support payments. Instead, it is a good idea to seek unemployment benefits and have the support amount deducted from each check. If it is not possible to obtain unemployment benefits, the best option is to work with the other parent and the family court.

How alimony works in Arizona

Alimony, also commonly called spousal support or maintenance, probably numbers among the divorce issues with the greatest number of misconceptions attached to it. You may have heard a variety of myths from your friends and family. Getting reliable information, however, is key to formulating realistic goals and making the right decisions for you.

Taking control of money issues during and after divorce

This can be an ultimately intuitive yet hardly satisfying at-the-moment takeaway for an Arizona spouse involved in a divorce with a person he or she can hardly stand the sight of any longer: realization that being financially charitable will pay dividends (both figuratively and literally) in post-divorce life.

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