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School planning after a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2018 | Divorce

Divorced parents in Arizona can use the transition time that is the start of the school year to help their children with the transition of divorce as well. They may want to think about what they want their children to learn in the school year and talk to them about their goals and challenges.

Depending on the nature of the relationship, both parents might be able to be present for this conversation. In addition to academic issues, it could touch on relationships, extracurricular activities and preparing for college or high school. However, if this is not possible, a parent can still help the child formulate goals for the year ahead and encourage the child to talk to the other parent about the goals as well.

Parents may also want to consider how to deal with various expenses ranging from extra school supplies to child care if one of them gets sick. They may decide to split expenses 50/50, or they might decide to do so proportionately based on each parent’s income. Logistics, such as how children will get to various places, may also need to be discussed. Parents can begin to involve older children in the process of budgeting and tracking expenses even if they are paying for things, although teenagers with jobs may also contribute.

These steps can be less difficult if there is a functional co-parenting relationship. Parents might be able to start building this while they are negotiating child custody and child support. Even if the relationship is a difficult one, they might be able to reach an agreement about how to handle communication dealing with their children such as using email or other online tools.

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