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5 divorce risk factors

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2018 | Uncategorized

It can be difficult to maintain a marriage, even when you and your spouse are highly compatible, but hard work and true love cannot save every relationship. There are some surprising risk factors that make it more likely for couples to call it quits.

These contributors to divorce do not guarantee a marriage is going to fail, but they do raise the odds. Here are some scenarios that may mean your marriage is more likely to end in a divorce.

1. Your wedding is expensive

You may assume that spending a lot on your wedding is a sign you will do anything for your relationship, but this is not necessarily true. If your wedding breaks the bank, it may cause your marriage to break, too. Spending over twenty-thousand dollars on a wedding makes a couple three and a half times more likely to split.

2. You have a daughter

While you love your kids no matter their gender, it may play a shocking role in your marriage. Interestingly enough, having a daughter makes you more likely to get a divorce. Some think this is due to the common belief that men would rather have a son, but research doesn’t back this up. It may be nothing more than a statistical anomaly.

3. You do not finish college

A higher education equates to a higher likelihood of a long and happy marriage. If you or your partner did not pursue a college degree, there may be a chance of more relationship problems.

4. You have different alcohol habits

If you and your spouse are not on the same page regarding alcohol consumption, there may be issues. Does your spouse enjoy a date night with some drinks while you prefer to stay sober? An imbalance in alcohol enjoyment can have unfavorable implications on a relationship.

5. Multiple marriages

Just because you enter a marriage for the second or third time does not necessarily doom you to another divorce, but it raises the stakes.

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