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Best Attorney
in Peoria!!!

Documents To Collect Prior To Divorce

No two divorces are quite alike. Follow these suggestions, however, and you are likely to save yourself a lot of frustration.

Copy And Provide These Critical Documents And Other Pieces Of Information

  • Your current credit report
  • Your last five federal tax returns, including your W-2 and 1099 statements
  • Your credit card accounts for the month of divorce
  • Your last six bank statements for all of your and your spouse’s accounts
  • The estimated value of your real property
  • The value of paying off your mortgage
  • The blue book value of your cars and other vehicles
  • The amount you owe on cars and other vehicles
  • Proof of monthly costs for child care
  • The cost if you were to buy health and dental insurance your children

Evidence Of Domestic Abuse

If domestic violence occurred in the marriage, make copies of police reports and court records. If police were not called, start a log chronicling the incidents of domestic violence. Get related medical records, if any exist.

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