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Taking control of money issues during and after divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2018 | Divorce

This can be an ultimately intuitive yet hardly satisfying at-the-moment takeaway for an Arizona spouse involved in a divorce with a person he or she can hardly stand the sight of any longer: realization that being financially charitable will pay dividends (both figuratively and literally) in post-divorce life.

That is a point made by a financial analyst/adviser in a recent article that spotlights recommended money strategies for surviving divorce and thriving thereafter.

It does make sense, right? After all, being fair about things will generally leave an ex-spouse in a comparatively balanced financial situation. And that in turn will better enable him or her to duly comply with any financial duties (read child support or alimony, for example) that might continue to exist following divorce.

The above writer actually highlights a number of tips that he passes along to parties involved in the divorce process to help them “maintain some sanity when it comes to navigating the financial aspects of divorce.”

Such how-to media pieces can sometimes be legitimately helpful to targeted individuals. No proven family law attorney would ever seek to dissuade a would-be or actual client from considering them or raising their potential relevance during a legal consultation.

In fact, many such articles prominently note their generic quality and underscore the need for any divorcing party with case-specific questions or concerns to turn for answers to proven legal counsel.

The above-cited one does. It stresses that, “It’s important to only take legal and financial advice from a lawyer and a trusted financial professional.”

We of course endorse that viewpoint at the Law Office of Katherine Kraus in Peoria. Empathetic and knowledgeable divorce attorneys provide diligent representation to diverse clients spanning a wide universe of subject matters, including financial issues.

We welcome reader inquiries and the opportunity to work with passion and true commitment on the legal matters most centrally important to you.

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