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What are some reasons to request modifications to child support?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2023 | Children

Child support is a topic that may be relevant to many parents in Arizona who decide to take separate paths in life. However, the payments in a child support order might not always be set in stone, and there may be various scenarios in which you might face a need to request modifications to this agreement.

There are numerous types of changes in life that may affect a person’s ability to make child support payments. Knowing some examples of valid reasons to request child support modifications could help you prepare to address your options and protect your interests should similar concerns arise.

Examples of reasons

One of the first things to note may involve the notion that both the party who pays and the party who receives child support can request modifications to this agreement. Some reasons to seek child support modifications may include:

  • Loss of income: The loss of a job or a change in employment to a lower paying position are just two examples of changes that could prompt a loss of income and affect your ability to meet child support obligations.
  • Increases in income: It may also be possible to request modifications to such an agreement if the party paying child support experiences an increase in income, whether via a promotion or an inheritance.
  • Needs of the child: The needs of your child could also undergo significant change with time, and seeking child support modifications might be necessary to provide for your child’s current needs.
  • New children: Having another child or marrying someone with children are also changes in life that could affect your expenses and financial obligations. This may also be a valid reason to seek child support modifications.

It could also be helpful to know that modifications to child support payments can be either permanent or temporary, and knowing how to determine which path may best suit your situation could be essential.

Requesting modifications

Even if a change in life prompts a need to request child support modifications, preparing to navigate this process can be an intimidating task. Fortunately, you don’t have to approach this alone. Seeking advice in evaluating your situation could be vital to helping you understand the best course of action to take. This could help place you in a better position to evaluate your case and pursue an outcome that best meets your interests and the needs of your children.

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