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Four scenarios in which divorce makes sense

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Divorce, Family Law

Divorce is difficult for anyone who experiences it, and it can quickly become messy and fraught with disagreements, resentment and challenges. While it is a very complex situation, every relationship is different; some couples can get through life together, and others cannot, which naturally means that divorce sometimes makes sense.

No one goes into a marriage expecting to get a divorce. However, life is full of unknowns, and nobody knows what the future holds. When a couple marries, they may have dreams and plans for a long and happy life together. In some cases, that is not what actually happens for the couple, and the healthy choice is for them to go their separate ways.

When does divorce make sense?

Many couples ask themselves this question many times before making the decision to split, because choosing to divorce is difficult. However, in some cases, it is healthier for both partners to live separate lives.

Whether because differences between them are extreme, they cannot get along in a civilized, respectful manner that is conducive to a healthy relationship, there is an event that causes a permanent loss of trust or, more simply, a lack of compatibility that they failed to identify before marriage, there are situations when divorce is the right answer to a couple’s problems.

Irreconcilable differences

While every person is different and couples should not expect to agree on everything, in some instances, they can have fundamental differences that cannot be resolved.

If efforts to communicate, seek therapy or work on the relationship have been unsuccessful, divorce may be a viable option to allow both individuals to find happiness and fulfillment separately.

Abusive relationships

If a marriage becomes toxic; physically, mentally or emotionally abusive, or poses a threat to one of the spouses, seeking a divorce can be necessary and, unfortunately, in some cases, lifesaving.

Ending the marriage could be the only way to prevent regrettable and irreversible harm. Breaking free from an abusive relationship dynamic allows individuals to prioritize their welfare, heal and move on with their lives.

Loss of trust

All marriages begin with a certain amount of trust. After all, trust is crucial in any relationship. However, when trust has been repeatedly broken through infidelity or other betrayals, and the couple is unable to rebuild trust between them, divorce may offer an opportunity for individuals to move forward without constantly grappling with feelings of betrayal and with the chance to find what they really want in life.

Lack of compatibility

Many couples rush into marriage, and others do not take the time to ask the right questions to get to know each other deeply. It is critical for a couple to know themselves and each other before tying the knot.

Sadly, in some cases, couples realize that they are fundamentally incompatible in their values, life goals, approaches to parenting, financial management and other aspects of marriage. These differences may lead to ongoing conflict and prevent both parties from living fulfilled happy lives. In these cases, divorce may allow each person to pursue happiness and fulfillment separately.

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