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Possible reasons to pursue child custody modifications

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2023 | Family Law

While pursuing an amicable and acceptable child custody agreement can be one of the toughest aspects of ending a marriage, it can also be vital to protecting your child’s interests. During this process, you may encounter various complex topics to address while pursuing an arrangement that focuses on protecting your child’s future. 

However, there may be some scenarios in which changes in life could affect the functionality of your initial child custody agreement. Knowing some valid reasons to consider pursuing modifications to a child custody order could help you prepare to take steps to ensure the agreement reflects your child’s needs and interests. 

Examples of reasons 

There may be various changes in life that might prompt a need to revisit the initial child custody order and pursue modifications, and some examples of reasons to consider such a path could include: 

  • Parental relocation: Some changes in life could leave you facing a need to relocate to a new area, and the move could affect visitation schedules. The distance of and reasons behind your move are two factors that may affect your request for modifications. 
  • Changes in employment: Changes in employment can also prompt a need for modifications. For instance, a promotion could lead to changes in your work schedule that may affect current visitation schedules. 
  • Needs of the child: It may also be helpful to know that the needs and interests of your kids may also undergo change over time, and seeking modifications to a custody agreement may be vital to reflecting these changes. 
  • Lack of compliance: In some cases, the need to request for modifications may also stem from a scenario in which the other parent frequently refuses or fails to comply with the terms of the child custody agreement. 

While sometimes it might be possible to seek modifications simply by speaking with the other parent, if this fails to prove fruitful, it might be up to the court to evaluate the matter and issue a decision. 

Seeking modifications to a parenting plan 

There are various scenarios in which it might be necessary to seek modifications to a parenting plan, but this can also prove a complex process at times. If you face a similar situation, it could be in your best interests to seek advice on every vital factor to address regarding this process. Seeking such guidance could help place you in a better position to carefully evaluate your options and prepare a strategy with which to protect your child’s interests by seeking the required modifications to your child custody agreement. 

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