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The complications of ending a long marriage

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2023 | Divorce

It is never easy to make the decision to end a marriage. The difficulties associated with divorce can impact virtually every area of a person’s life, from financial stability to how often a parent will see his or her children. Divorce is a complicated and difficult process, regardless of how long the marriage lasted. However, it can be especially difficult for couples who have been married for a significant amount of time.  

If you are facing a divorce after a years-long or decades-long marriage, you know there is a long process ahead of you. This is not a decision that came easily, but you are not alone. Statistics indicate that divorces for older couples or couples that have been married for a long time are more common than ever before. Regardless of your age or other details of your situation, it is beneficial to think about the steps you need to take in order to secure your future interests. 

Facts about gray divorce 

The term gray divorce commonly describes divorces between spouses who are age 50 and up. Even if you are not over the age of 50, a divorce after a long-term marriage can be difficult as the two parties extricate their finances, decide what to do with the family home, seek fair property division terms and look ahead to what is next. Consider the following about these types of divorces: 

  • Since 1990, the rate of gray divorce has doubled. 
  • While the reason for some gray divorces is life changes, other marriages may be more likely to end when one or both spouses was previously married. 
  • Many older couples choose to divorce after their kids grow up or when they begin considering what they want for the rest of their lives. 
  • Even older kids can struggle when their parents divorce, and it is normal for any member of the family to feel grief over this for years to come. 

Divorces for long-married Arizona couples are difficult for a variety of reasons. However, this does not mean that your future cannot be bright and hopeful. As you consider what you need for the future, you may benefit from seeking professional guidance regarding the legal options available to you. It is in your interests to fight for a fair and sustainable property division order and financial settlement as this will lay the groundwork for your future stability. 

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