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What factors might influence a request to relocate?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2022 | Family Law

When a change in life circumstances prompts a need to relocate to a new area, sometimes, this process may involve little more than securing new living arrangements and moving your possessions. However, things might not always be so simple, especially with the presence of an existing parenting agreement. 

Even if you have valid reasons to request a relocation, it may still be necessary to speak with the other parent and negotiate modifications to your parenting plan. This path might not always prove fruitful, however, and if it is up to the court to make the final decision, knowing what to expect from your custody hearing may be imperative. 

Vital factors 

If you and your ex cannot agree, the court will decide whether to allow the relocation based on what is in the children’s best interests. Part of your preparation for a hearing for a request to relocate should involve knowing some of the vital factors the court might seek to address, such as: 

  • Motivations: The court may inquire about the motivations behind your request to relocate, and some examples of valid reasons might include changes in employment or moving closer to family. 
  • Parenting time: Another topic the court may seek to address may involve how your relocation might affect your parenting schedules and whether it may disrupt your children’s daily routines. 
  • The kids: The court places a priority on the needs and interests of the kids and may also ask questions about their wishes and how a proposed relocation might affect their development. 
  • Education: Other topics to consider may involve how the relocation might affect your child’s education and opportunities to take part in extracurricular activities. 
  • Distance: The distance of your proposed relocation could also influence the outcome of your request, and the court may also inquire about any possible alternatives to relocation. 

It could also be in your interest to seek guidance in evaluating Arizona parenting laws, as these may also impact the outcome of your request. 

Outcome of a request to relocate 

Understanding all the essential factors to consider regarding a request to relocate could play an integral role in preparing to pursue the necessary changes to your parenting plan. With various topics to cover and a great deal at stake, seeking insight on your options could help place you in a better position in which to make informed choices about your situation. This may be vital to helping you create a strategy to seek the necessary modifications to meet your needs and safeguard the future interests of your children. 

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