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Divorce and social media can be a dangerous combination

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2021 | Divorce

The end of a marriage is an emotionally complex time, and these strong feelings can cause one to act and think impulsively. Social media provides an instant and easily accessible outlet for these emotions, but it is rarely beneficial to speak about a divorce on these platforms. Divorce and social media can be a dangerous and detrimental combination. 

Things you say on social media can have a very real effect on certain aspects of your divorce. It is in your interests to refrain from posting certain things online, especially while the legal proceedings are still underway. Social media postings can become tools used by the other party against you in an Arizona family court. Even if you delete a post, it is possible a record still exists.  

Protect your interests 

It may be in your interests to avoid using social media altogether during your divorce. It is critical to keep your thoughts, pictures and activities private during such a high-stakes legal proceeding. If you choose to continue using social media, it may be helpful to remember the following: 

  • If you post anything, keep messages positive and vague.  
  • Do not post pictures of yourself drinking or with a new partner. 
  • Keep your privacy settings on the highest possible settings. 
  • Do not discuss your divorce case online, even if someone asks you a question. 
  • Ensure your children are not posting questionable messages on their social media accounts. 

Social media has the potential to exacerbate an already difficult situation. You would be wise to consider the potential impact of what you say in a public forum. Even with strong privacy settings, there is truly no such thing as a private thought on the internet. Consider how someone could misconstrue your words or pictures and use them against you before you post. 

Think about the future 

During this difficult process, it may be helpful to keep your thoughts to yourself and focus on the future. While your emotions are valid, they should not be the motivation behind the decisions you make. Your goal in a divorce should be to secure a final order that provides you and your children with security and stability long-term. As you consider your actions during your divorce, think about their potential consequences before you move forward. 

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