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Why older people are increasingly getting divorced

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | Divorce

In recent decades, it has become increasingly common to see individuals over the age of 55 seek a divorce from their spouses. There are several reasons why older people are running to Arizona courtrooms to dissolve their marriages. These reasons include longer lifespans, changing attitudes toward divorce and the fact that women have a greater degree of financial independence than they did in previous generations.

How a longer lifespan factors into a person’s marital status

Let’s say that you are approaching your 60s and are fed up with the state of your marriage. Throughout the 20th century, a person could reasonably expect to live until age 65 or 70. Therefore, it made little sense to get a divorce because a person may not have enough time to rebuild his or her life. However, today, it’s not uncommon for people to live into their 80s or 90s. This means that divorce may be an option for you even if you are approaching retirement or have already retired.

Divorce is generally seen as a valid option

Throughout most of the 20th century, divorce was seen as something that was immoral or otherwise to be avoided if at all possible. However, few people would seriously claim that someone who is in a toxic relationship should be forced to stay in it.

Women rely less on their husbands for money

It’s not uncommon for women to have college degrees or other credentials that allow them to thrive in the workforce. The ability to remain employed gives a person of either gender the ability to live a more independent life. Ultimately, economic independence gives women a greater opportunity to live their lives without spouses if they so choose.

Regardless of your age, it may be possible to divorce your spouse even if he or she doesn’t want to dissolve the marriage. If your age makes it harder to find a job, you may be entitled to alimony or other financial assistance from your spouse as part of a divorce settlement.

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