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Key points about requirements for relocating with a child

For Arizona parents who have divorced and have a child custody and visitation agreement, any proposed change will likely stoke concern. If a custodial parent wants to relocate to another area, this can cause a dispute. Both should be aware of how the court will decide whether to allow it or not.

Factors to consider in a relocation case

There are many aspects that will be assessed in a relocation case. It is important that the reasons for the move are given as it will impact how frequently the other parent sees the child. Also, the child’s well-being could be a worry. The court will want to know if the move is being done for a justifiable reason like a job opportunity or to be close to relatives. Reasons that would be questionable are to purposely limit the amount of time the other parent spends with the child or to lower child support payments.

As with any child custody determination, the child’s best interests are crucial. That includes the same issues such as a safe environment, medical care, education and family involvement. When the court is left to decide whether to approve the move, it will want to know how parenting time will be handled, if there will be a concerted effort to keep the other parent involved, if the child will adapt well to the move, its distance and if there are options so the move is unnecessary. This can be a complicated aspect of child custody and it is wise to be ready.

Both parents should be prepared for a relocation request

Any child custody case has the potential to be challenging, but when a parent wants to relocate, it can spark outright acrimony. Regardless of the perspective, it is imperative to know the process and understand how the law addresses this complex situation. Whether it is a parent who wants to move or a parent who is opposed to it, it can be useful to have legal guidance to plot an appropriate course of action and seek an acceptable outcome.

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