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What should you think about when choosing a family law attorney?

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | Family Law

Maybe you are seeking a divorce or custody of your children. Neither of these are easy tasks — especially not on your own. These legal actions often involve a lot time and a complex set of rules. Having friends or a therapist to lean can be useful. But achieving a favorable outcome in court can begin with choosing an attorney that is willing to defend your rights.

It’s important to create expectations before selecting a family law attorney. You can do this by considering both their experience level and communication habits.

Experience level

You should measure experience in a couple different ways. First, as you speak with potential attorneys, you can ask how long they have been practicing law. If they just closed their first case last week, then you might want to consider someone with a clearer record of success.

Additionally, you should ask what type of cases they’ve handled since becoming a lawyer. Couples seeking a divorce should consider an attorney who has helped several clients through a divorce. This ensures that the attorney isn’t hyper-focused on learning or catching up on laws along the way and can serve as a confident leader instead.

Communication style

Continuing to take care of your family while going through the divorce process or a legal obstacle puts a lot on your plate all at once. So, when it comes time to choose an attorney to sort through an important family matter, it’s important to gauge how communicative and flexible the lawyer can be from the very first consultation to the final settlement. Are they willing to email you rather than call you if you prefer case updates delivered that way? Are they reachable in the evening when you have free time?

You shouldn’t have to chase after an attorney, rather you should choose someone who is willing to stand by your side.


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