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Why are women happier than men after divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Family Law

Splitting from your husband can be bittersweet. But a recent study shows you might be happier than your soon-to-be-ex after it’s over. A recent survey from the United Kingdom examined the happiness and satisfaction of both men and women after divorce. And according to the results, women were 35% less stressed after splitting from their husbands, in comparison to only 17% of men.

Society often gets the narrative wrong

We’ve all seen it before, the woman crying in her lawyer’s office while her ex keeps the house with a young and attractive girlfriend. However, what’s portrayed in the media isn’t always accurate. In reality, women instigate the majority of divorces, as many are often the first to express dissatisfaction with the marriage.

Reasons why women recover better from divorce

Women and men tend to deal with separation differently. Here’s what women do that often makes it easier for them:

  • They’re less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol to cope with their feelings
  • They’re more likely to seek out new experiences after divorce
  • They’re more likely to prioritize their emotional needs
  • They have a stronger sense of perseverance
  • They surround themselves with a secure support system
  • They’re more likely to seek help for emotional trauma

They say marriage is supposed to last forever. But as spouses grow and change over time, so can their courtship. Luckily, divorce isn’t the end of the road. In fact, it can open the doors for both partners to seek new opportunities they wouldn’t have had before.


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