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Getting the result you want starts at finding the lawyer you need

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Going through a divorce can be a challenging undertaking that shapes the rest of your life. You could be feeling immense pressure to get started, but it’ll probably be in your best interest to take your time with what could be the most important step – hiring the right lawyer.

There are over 15,000 active attorneys in the state of Arizona. Chances are there’s a lawyer that fits your needs and plenty that don’t. Knowing where to start can be difficult, but what really matters is where you finish.

Setting the bar

You want to make sure you’re working with a lawyer that has the same goals, the same principles and can get the results you want. Just like you wouldn’t hire the first person who walks into an interview at work, you shouldn’t always hire the first lawyer you speak with. Make sure you and your top pick are on the same page, and you could be on your way to getting the results you want.

Judicious process

Make sure your choice is checking all the boxes:

  • Expectations: You might have a specific idea of what a successful divorce looks like, while a lawyer may have a very different definition. You’ll likely want to get that discussion out of the way early. Lay out your hopes, ideas and timelines to see if your lawyer is on board, or if aligning your expectations with theirs might better serve your cause. If you can see eye-to-eye, your search could be one step closer to ending.
  • Expertise: You’ll probably want an attorney that has been there before, so a firm that specializes in family law may be at the top of your list. The process has loads of ins-and-outs, so you’ll generally want someone who can handle everything, from child support to marital property to future modifications.
  • Experience: Looking at past accomplishments can be a good indication of what they’re capable of in the future. Find out how they earned their stripes, what associations they’re tied to and how their past clients grade them. A solid resume can be a great indicator of what you can expect.

Hiring a lawyer can be a big decision and one that you shouldn’t take lightly. Take your time during the process, do your homework and make sure you find the attorney that will help you find the answers you’re looking for.

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