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Common reasons why people divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2019 | Divorce

When people in Arizona decide to divorce, there are a number of factors that can lead up to that decision. Research has found some common factors motivate people to decide to end their marriages. In general, most people get divorced because of a lack of emotional fulfillment and associated circumstances, according to one study of 2,371 recently divorced people. In 44% of the cases, the respondents initiated divorce proceedings themselves while 40% said the divorce was initiated by a spouse. For the remaining 16%, the divorce was a mutual decision.

Many people divorce without a great deal of conflict, which can be positive in helping people move forward. It can be also important if children are involved although the higher stakes in those cases can also be accompanied by an escalation of tensions. Approximately 40% of the participants said their divorces were amicable while 29% said that they had a lot of conflict during the end of their marriage. The most frequently cited reason for divorce was a lack of love or intimacy with 47% of survey participants saying that the feelings were gone from their relationships.

Another 44% said that they had communication problems in their marriage, including frequent fights or a lack of discussion and communication at all. Still more said that there had been a significant loss of trust or respect in the relationship. This could be due to financial issues, infidelity or other problems. Others reported that they had simply grown apart and become too different over time to continue their romantic relationship successfully.

Divorce can help people to move forward with their lives and bring a problematic relationship to a close. A family law attorney may help people to handle the legal aspects of ending a marriage, including property division and child custody.

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