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Even in an acrimonious divorce, the kids are the top priority

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2019 | Children

Some Arizona couples who have decided it best to end their marriage and part ways seem to be able to maintain a cordial relationship and communicate effectively. For others, communication was a significant issue when they were together, and the divorce serves only to exacerbate the problem to the point where each interaction seems to result in a confrontation. For those exes with children, the failure to be able to act maturely and rationally can have a devastating impact on the kids.

Family relationship professionals report that children of divorce are already at a disadvantage in many critical areas of adult life simply because their parents split up. Certainly, there is ample time and opportunity for kids of divorce to right the ship, but it makes things far easier if their parents display effective communication skills as they work out their issues with each other. There are certain skills and habits exes can develop if they stop and consider the importance of co-parenting as the family transitions from one household to two.

One of the key issues for each ex-spouse to realize is the child benefits from having a healthy and loving relationship with both parents. This means do not speak poorly of the other and do not do anything to sabotage time with the other parent. Try and establish similar, if not identical schedules, and stick to them consistently. Don’t dwell on the past and feel guilty over what isn’t, but instead focus on the future and making new memories.

Raising a child is a lifelong commitment that doesn’t end with divorce. A family law attorney might offer counsel and guidance on the legal issues of divorce such as property division, child custody, and child support.

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