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How to take care of your mental health in divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

Divorces can be incredibly contentious affairs. One Arizona couple has found themselves locked in a bitter divorce battle over allegations of poisoning. One spouse wanted to invalidate a will to prevent his wife from getting $900,000, but the judge has agreed to uphold the prenuptial agreement. 

Chances are, your divorce will not be as embattled as this one. However, all separations are tough. You will go through a lot during this time, and you need to be ready for the long haul. That involves taking care of your mental health so you do not let the stress get to you. Here are some steps for caring for yourself during this stressful time. 

Eat regularly, and eat well

When many people feel stressed, they do not eat as often. Others eat through their emotions and gain an excessive amount of weight during stressful times. You do not want to do either. You should eat as normally as you can. Food nourishes the body and mind. You should eat healthy meals regularly, which means you need to avoid going the easy route and ordering fast food all the time. Sometimes, when you feel upset, eating something will help you feel mentally better. 

Find a release for your anger

It is natural to feel angry during a divorce. You do not want to suppress those emotions, but you need to let them out in a productive manner. For example, you can start taking boxing or martial arts classes so you have a productive way to let out your rage. Exercise is great for mental health, and you will feel less stressed out when you return home. 

Have fun

You should find activities during this time that you enjoy doing and are good for you. Going out drinking with friends may sound fun, but you do not want to get in the habit of dealing with your emotions through drinking. Find a hobby you love and fall into it thoroughly. You will surprise yourself at how much faster the divorce process flies by when you focus on yourself. 

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