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Why people should pay attention to technology in a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Divorce

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in Arizona divorce cases. People who are planning to end their marriage may want to take some steps to separate their digital lives and to prevent problems that could arise because of their online presences.

Most married couples know each other’s passwords, and some share online bank accounts and other linked accounts. People should start by opening their own individual accounts and changing all of their passwords to ones that cannot easily be guessed. Many couples also share devices. If a couple shares a laptop or tablet, it is a good idea to reset it to factory settings. This can prevent people from recovering sensitive data about their ex-spouses.

If couples share joint social media accounts, they should close them and start their own individual profiles. It is also important for people to review their social media accounts and delete anything that might be used against them in their divorces. People should refrain from posting about their marital problems and should try to avoid using social media while their divorces are pending. Couples might also want to use a co-parenting app to communicate with each other about their children. These apps may help people to preserve their conversations in case they are needed in future court proceedings.

It is common for emotions to run high during divorces. People might want to retain experienced family law attorneys who can help them navigate through the divorce process and to view things through a logical lens instead of allowing themselves to be consumed by emotional conflict. The attorneys may work to negotiate settlement agreements that resolve all of the legal issues without having to go through litigation.

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