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Winning back child custody

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2018 | Children

Child custody disputes can be incredibly stressful. For parents who have lost custody of their children, knowing that the court thinks their kids are better off with somebody else can be emotionally debilitating. However, there are ways to win back custody in Arizona.

It’s important for the parent to be honest with themselves about what factors led to the court’s decision. Family court judges are required to make decisions based on a child’s best interests. A parent who has lost custody should consider the ways in which they could be better as a parent and make changes.

If the court has put stipulations or contingencies on the parent before it will grant custody, then the parent should take steps toward fulfilling those stipulations as soon as possible. It is a mistake to argue with the court about the validity of the actions it has ordered. Courts commonly make custody reinstatement contingent upon completion of alcohol or drug treatment or attendance of parenting classes.

Once the parent has begun to complete the tasks required by the court, they can request an in-home custody evaluation. The evaluation will give the court an updated view of the parent’s home and living situation.

Arizona parents who are seeking custody of their children might want to consult with a lawyer. A family law attorney might be able to help by presenting the court with facts that show the client’s parenting skills and love for their children. An attorney might develop a strategy to secure partial or full custody.

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