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Certain personality traits don’t work in a marriage

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2018 | Divorce

There are many different personality traits that could determine if a person is going to have a successful marriage. For instance, if a person has a fragile ego, it could mean that he or she looks for attention from other people. If an individual shies away from conflict, it may hinder the relationship’s progress. This is because arguments are what allow couples to communicate and resolve issues in a healthy and timely manner.

If one person constantly cares for the other without accepting anything in return, it may mean that he or she is in a failed relationship. This is because the individual providing the care is trying to assert a level of control over the other. He or she is essentially saying that the other partner brings nothing of value to the relationship. Those who value material possessions may also struggle in a relationship.

This can be especially true when a woman makes more than her husband. Individuals who are selfish may not have a successful marriage. While everyone is selfish on occasion, those who are constantly thinking about themselves may neglect their partner’s needs. In some cases, selfishness can turn into narcissism or be a symptom of a problem that has already developed. Typically, those who are narcissistic have problems accepting that they aren’t always the victim when something bad happens.

There are many matters that may need to be resolved in a divorce settlement such as how to divide property or allocate parenting time. An attorney may be able to help individuals create a settlement that is in their best interest. If individuals can work with their former spouses, it may be possible to create a settlement without the need to go to court. Otherwise, an attorney may represent the client in court.

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