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Tips for co-parenting following a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2018 | Children

Going through a divorce can be particularly difficult for Arizona parents, especially for those who will be sharing custody of their children. If the divorce was particularly contentious, parents may find it difficult to co-parent with their ex-spouse or ex-partner. However, working together can help the children transition from one household to two.

When co-parenting, clear communication can help make the transition go more smoothly for both the kids and the parents. Parents can create an annual calendar that denotes who the kids will be staying with when, which can help prevent confusion when trying to arrange play dates, vacations and other activities. If parents have trouble communicating in person, they can use online co-parenting websites to record their conversations.

Ultimately, parents should remember that co-parenting peacefully is usually in the best interests of the children. Divorced parents may forget that children often need to be able to maintain a strong relationship with their other parent. This may even still be true if the other parent is unreliable. Allowing the children to learn this themselves while still providing them with support can prevent them from having dangerous fantasies that could lead to harm. The only exceptions to this, of course, are if the children are at risk when they are with the other parent.

Determining what will happen to the children during and after a divorce can be a difficult process, especially if there are fears that a parent may not be able to properly care for the children or may put the children at risk for harm. A family law attorney may help gather and provide evidence to demonstrate that joint custody could put the children in harm’s way. The attorney may also seek to protect the children by asking the court for supervised custody if the other parent is fighting for custody.

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