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When a divorcing partner's spending spree raises suspicions

The national publication Forbes periodically features articles that focus upon important divorce topics from a female perspective.

The rationale for doing so is not that divorcing wives intrinsically need more guidance or protection than decoupling husbands do. Rather, many divorcing women have sacrificed jobs and careers to manage households and care for children, while their husbands have prospered at the workplace. If their marriages fail, they unquestionably need to ensure that that they get a fair divorce settlement.

As one Forbes piece notes, that can be an iffy proposition when a vindictive husband acts in a way intended to undermine a wife's best interests during divorce negotiations. In extreme instances, some impending former partners are willing to lose money themselves if doing so similarly deprives a divorcing mate of it as well.

Some unfortunate decouplings spotlight purposeful behavior commonly called "asset dissipation." When a husband intentionally spends down assets, it reduces his divorcing wife's fair share of marital property.

Obviously, and in extreme cases in Arizona and elsewhere, that can have drastic consequences.

It is certainly imperative that a spouse who suspects or already has some evidence that marital wealth is being intentionally squandered for purely vindictive reasons act aggressively and with dispatch.

An experienced attorney with a demonstrated history of client advocacy in property division matters can be a strong ally in helping to identify, value and ensure the fair division of assets in a divorce settlement. Moreover, legal counsel can help look for evidence of dissipation and make referrals to third parties who are professionally trained to spot financial irregularities.

Asset dissipation is a serious matter. A proven family law attorney can help a divorce client respond to it and, when necessary, solicit court intervention.

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Avvo Client Review

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