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Ways to save a shaky marriage

On Behalf of | May 9, 2018 | Divorce

Arizona marriages that begin by observing traditional gender roles could be disrupted if the wife eventually enters the workforce. This can be especially true if a married woman starts making as much or more than her husband. In some cases, the husband will feel threatened by his wife’s newfound success.

One way to reduce the odds of evolving career paths causing a divorce is to ensure that both partners are considered equals in the relationship. What this means is that each spouse is equally responsible for making relationship decisions. Each person should also be responsible for and empowered to solve problems that arise during the marriage. Taking such an approach makes it easier to prevent one spouse from making themselves unavailable while the other does all the hard work.

Those who are feeling overwhelmed should be direct in their requests for help. A spouse may not necessarily pick up on feelings of stress or anxiety without being told about them. In many cases, a partner is busy with his or her life and may not notice what is going on at home. By speaking up and being direct, a relationship can regain its equilibrium.

Questions relating to spousal support, alimony and child custody may come up during a divorce case. An attorney could answer those or any other questions that a spouse may have. By working with a lawyer, it may be easier to create a parenting plan or alimony agreement that is favorable. Legal counsel might also give advice relating to social media use or other activities to avoid while a divorce case is ongoing.

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