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On Behalf of | May 15, 2018 | Children

You know what precious cargo means if you have children and are headed for an Arizona divorce. There is flatly nothing more important during the divorce process and thereafter than your focused attention – and that of your impending ex – on the best interests of your kids.

We note that too at the Peoria Law Office of Katherine Kraus, where we proudly and unremittingly devote our energies and professional talents to ensuring that the needs of our clients’ sons and daughters are fully promoted. We state on our family law website that, “To do well, your children need the right financial underpinnings, a home and a plan in place for growth and learning.”

A clinical psychologist and author pays due heed to those important notions in a recent article she penned for a national publication. Joan B. Kelly, who focuses especially on high-conflict divorce where children are involved, makes some pointed and squarely relevant points in her piece, which we pass along for readers’ consideration.

Here’s a prime Kelly recommendation, which, while seemingly self-evident, many parents apparently forget to do: talk with the kids about what is going on.

Kelly says that only about one in 20 parents actually has a sit-down with children to talk about divorce and what it will mean. Keep the dialogue at an age-appropriate level, she says, but do cover the basics. If you don’t, your children “will feel anxious, upset and lonely and find it much harder to cope with the separation.”

Kelly imparts a number of other must-dos and taboos, respectively, in the advice she gives to divorcing parents, especially if their decoupling is not proceeding on the most civil of terms. We’ll take a look at those in our next blog post.

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