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What divorcing parents should and should not do

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Divorce

Many estranged Arizona parents can often find it difficult to deal with family and custody conflicts, especially if the divorce itself was not amicable. However, the change in family circumstances can also be particularly difficult for the children, especially since they often do not have a say in their family dynamics. To help make the transition easier, there are certain things that divorced parents should and should not do.

As mMany children feel that they are the cause of the divorce, parents should talk to their children regularly about their thoughts and feelings. They can also talk to their children’s teachers and friends. In addition to working as a unified front, if possible, both parents should understand that the children will still love both of them. If the children show signs or symptoms of depression, self-blame or anxiety, parent should consider coming up with healthy distractions or find a qualified therapist to help.

If the divorced parents cannot work together or find some common ground, they may end up blaming their children for the divorce or give too much information about the breakup. Some parents may even go so far as to use the children as spies or weapons. They may also use them as the main source of communication, which can put the children in an extremely stressful situation.

Divorce is a challenging, life-changing event that can have a major impact on everyone involved. However, having a child custody and visitation schedule can help the children transition from one household to two. Negotiating such an agreement can often be done by the couple with the help of their respective attorneys.

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