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Bird nesting for children after divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | Divorce

Arizona parents who make the decision to divorce may wonder how to deal with living arrangements, especially when children are involved. Many divorcing parents are concerned with protecting the emotional and psychological health of their children, especially since divorce may involve major upheaval. Most traditional joint custody arrangements mean that children will travel between their parents’ homes on a weekly basis. Joint custody can be very beneficial for children as it helps to secure their bond with both parents; however, it can also be a tough adjustment, especially immediately following a divorce.

This is one reason why many parents seek alternative options to help their children adjust to life after divorce. One such trend is called bird nesting. Usually a temporary arrangement, this custody choice means that the children remain in the family home. Rather than switching homes themselves, the parents move in and out on a weekly basis. On their weeks without custody, the divorcing parents can stay with family or friends, share an alternate apartment or each begin to develop their own housing.

Bird nesting can also help to deal with some of the financial aspects of divorce. The primary family home may have an ongoing lease for those who rent. For parents who own their home, they may wish to have time to sell the house, develop more equity or wait for improvement in the market. Bird nesting can be one option that allows them more flexibility in dealing with asset division and marital real estate.

Whether a parent going through a divorce has the type of amicable relationship suited to bird nesting or a more contentious context, a family law attorney may help. A lawyer may provide advice and representation to anyone going through a divorce and work to achieve a fair settlement on key issues, including child custody, asset division and spousal support.

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