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3 divorce myths debunked

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2018 | Blog

If friends and family are giving you advice about your impending divorce, chances are you are hearing a lot of misleading tips. While these people may be sympathetic and have good intentions, you should take what they say with a grain of salt. There are many myths about divorce going around, and what works for one divorcing couple may not work for everyone. 

Believing in a misconception can leave you worse off financially and emotionally. Here are some of the most prevalent myths regarding divorce you should stop believing immediately. 

1. Cheating means you will lose everything

If you commit adultery, your spouse may show you divorce papers. But while cheating may contribute to the end of your marriage, it does not mean you need to give up hope on custody or holding onto assets. Arizona courts view divorce as a very straightforward process and will give you a fair shot at everything even if you were unfaithful during your marriage. 

2. Mom always gets the kids

A lot of people still believe that the family courts always favor the mother. This is never a guarantee. If you are the father, you should fight for visitation or custody. But if you are the mom, do not assume the custody battle will be a cakewalk. 

3. If you get a divorce, you are a failure

You may feel distraught about your life when your marriage is coming to an end. However, do not let anyone tell you that you failed. Marriages are difficult to maintain, and sometimes things do not work out. You can get through this and go on to build a better life on the other side. While separating from your spouse is never fun, it does not mean your best years are behind you.

Make sure you do not fall for these myths about divorce. Instead, follow sound legal advice and do what is best for you and your children.

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