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Entrepreneur finds marketing niche: co-parenting app

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | Children

So-called computer and smartphone “apps” that address virtually every subject are seemingly being developed daily. Nothing more than a device in hand is needed to make music and videos, write a book, paint, monitor home security from afar and engage in a thousand other activities.

Like parenting, for example.

Although the following might seem a bit far-fetched at first blush, many of our Arizona readers might quickly conclude that it was just a matter of time before an entrepreneur entered into a vitally important family law realm. One savvy creator has done so via a new high-tech app of promised utility named SmartCoparent.

In a nutshell, here’s the twist: Time-challenged ex-spouses frantically trying to stay on top of all key child-related matters requiring their oversight and input now have an ally to keep things sane and smoothly running. SmartCoparent’s creator calls his creation “the next evolution in peaceful co-parenting for the matrimonially challenged.”

Some stressed Arizona parents feeling overwhelmed by post-divorce parenting-plan challenges might reasonably be invited to give SmartCoparent a shot. If it actually helps to foster sanity and parental unity concerning things like constant scheduling adjustments on everything from school activities to sports schedules, it might well be worth the cost.

This must be centrally noted, though, and is in fact underscored in a recent article discussing the new app entry into the family law universe: No app can ever replace the close interaction and thoughtful outcomes realized only through the good-faith efforts of moms and dads to effectively communicate on post-divorce matters affecting their children. Separated parents “must still team up to parent their young.”

The effectiveness of a co-parenting plan is obviously tied closely to the amount of time and care that went into crafting it. A proven family law attorney can help ensure that a plan optimally promotes a family’s needs.

Moreover, seasoned legal counsel can also represent a client in court who needs assistance regarding a necessary modification to an existing plan.

Can an app do that?

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