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The positive power of a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2018 | Divorce

Couples in Arizona may derive a lot of benefits from creating a prenuptial agreement together. For instance, it may be possible to address any potential power imbalances that may exist because one partner makes more money than the other. The development of an agreement before getting married may prevent an unspoken power structure from potentially derailing the relationship. For instance, the person who makes the most money may mistakenly believe that he or she is better than his or her partner.

The drafting of a prenuptial agreement can create conditions that allow one person to control certain decisions about a couple’s finances. It may also create conditions in which money may be placed in the name of the lower-earning spouse. Such an agreement may enable safeguards to be placed within it to help each party in the marriage manage his or her money in a responsible manner.

Ideally, a couple will write the prenuptial agreement in a way that is tailored to their relationship. This may make it easier to create something that meets their needs both now and in the future. It may also prevent the tension that can arise when people are torn between meeting the needs of their families of origin and the ones that they are about to create with their new spouses.

When a person gets divorced, he or she may experience a variety of emotions. These feelings may make it harder for him or her to make sound decisions during settlement talks. With a prenuptial agreement, decisions related to alimony, asset division and similar matters may be made in a rational manner. Ideally, they will be reviewed by an attorney before an individual signs off on anything, which may increase the odds that it is considered valid if a marriage comes to an end.

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