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How a parent's disability may alter child support payments

A disability may create financial struggles for parents in Arizona who pay child support as well as those who receive it. If the income of the parent who pays support is reduced due to that parent's disability, both parents may end up in a more challenging financial situation, but a court attempts to balance a parent's income with the parent's obligation to support the child.

How unemployment can impact a child support order

If a noncustodial parent in Arizona loses their job, that doesn't absolve them of making child support payments. Instead, it is a good idea to seek unemployment benefits and have the support amount deducted from each check. If it is not possible to obtain unemployment benefits, the best option is to work with the other parent and the family court.

Youthful perceptions contributing to family law changes

There has always been a generation gap at work in America, given the technological, social and other changes that constantly evolve in a dynamic society. What was once commonplace and comfortable for grandparents was rebelled against by their children and is now once again being challenged in successive family generations.

High-tech tools can promote many agendas, including stalking

In the "old days," an individual with a grudge or related animosity against an ex-spouse or domestic partner might hire a detective to conduct behind-the-scenes surveillance on that party. Classic Hollywood fare features scores of movie scenes showing a "private eye" sneaking into a home to tap a phone or slouching in a car outside an apartment endlessly smoking cigarettes and with a camera in hand.

Understanding joint legal custody

There are different types of child custody arrangements Arizona parents can have when they decide to separate. Joint Legal Decisions Making (previously called "custody") is an arrangement in which both parents are given the legal right to make decisions regarding their child's religion, healthcare, education and any other significant issues. If there are issues with one parent involving drug or alcohol abuse or if there is a significant history of domestic violence un the relationship the Court may order sole legal decision making to one parent.

Avvo Client Review

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