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Determining spousal support as a marriage comes to an end

Spousal support is a common point of contention for many Arizona couples ending their marriages. However, this issue can only be seriously discussed once marital assets have been divided. It's this step that allows a fair determination of what type of financial assistance, if any, a lesser-earning spouse may need from their soon-to-be ex. Several factors are taken into consideration to figure out support-related issues.

Common traits that can kill a relationship

Couples in Arizona know that contempt in a marriage can lead to divorce. Other common traits that lead to marriages falling apart include stonewalling, criticism and sarcasm. There are many factors that can lead to a person developing these traits, including silent relationship killers that some marriage mates are not even aware of.

Practical tasks after the divorce is finalized

When Arizona couples decide to divorce, they may imagine that all major matters will be handled by the time the family court finalizes the end of their marriage. However, the divorce decree may be only the beginning of some of the most important practical steps to make the property division agreement a reality, as making an agreement does not complete the actual separation of assets.

Why people should pay attention to technology in a divorce

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in Arizona divorce cases. People who are planning to end their marriage may want to take some steps to separate their digital lives and to prevent problems that could arise because of their online presences.

Spouses hiding money in cryptocurrencies during their divorce

When going through a divorce, most people in Arizona and elsewhere expect to eventually fight over money. Divorcing individuals, accountants and family law attorneys are accustomed to dealing with traditional investments, pensions, property and savings accounts. However, Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency are changing the game when it comes time to divide assets during the divorce.

Information about marriage in Arizona

According to data from the Census Bureau's 2017 American Community Survey, Arizona has a marriage rate of 47.3 percent. This is slightly below the national average of 48.2 percent of residents aged 15 and older who are married. Population figures were gleaned using a five-year average that ended in 2017. The divorce rate nationally has fallen since 2000, but at the same time, the marriage rate has also fallen.

Tips for divorce at 50 and older

Some Arizona couples who are 50 or older may be among those whose divorce rates are increasing according to the Pew Research Center. The divorce rate for this age group is more than twice as high as it was in 1990, and Pew researchers believe this may be because there are more second or third marriages in this age range. They are more vulnerable to divorce than first marriages.

How prenuptial agreements work in second marriages

Arizona residents who are getting married for the second time may have a greater need for a prenuptial agreement. This is because they have retirement accounts, homes and other assets that may need to be protected. Individuals who have children from a previous marriage could also benefit from having a prenuptial agreement. In some cases, it allows couples to put themselves on equal financial footing.

Planning for a child's college expenses during a divorce

When Arizona parents get a divorce, one concern they may have, even if their children are very young, is how to pay for their offspring's college education. Parents who hoped to send their children to an expensive private college may find that the costs associated with splitting into two households instead of maintaining one make that less likely.

Avvo Client Review

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