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Dealing with finances during and after a divorce

For many Arizona couples who are considering divorce, it is often understood that the relationship between the two spouses will change. What they may not realize, however, is just how much their lifestyles may also change due to having to split up finances and assets. For example, some people can lose half or more of the finances and assets that they worked so hard to obtain during the marriage. However, there are ways individuals can improve their post-divorce finances.

During the divorce process, remember to be reasonable

People who are going through a divorce will have a lot of questions about the actual legal process of ending their marriage. The steps that must be taken will be, of course, complicated. But they aren't insurmountable, and with the right frame of mind, you can proceed with your divorce in the best way possible.

5 social media mistakes to avoid during divorce

Going through a divorce is often a difficult, frustrating time, full of a roller coaster of emotions. Whether there are kids involved, you have been married for two years or 20, or you have minimal assets or millions of dollars, your future is at stake. As you move through your divorce, there are certain things you must avoid to protect yourself.

How to deal with a difficult ex-spouse

Dealing with the end of a marriage is challenging enough without having to cope with a difficult spouse. Many people in Peoria who are in the process of divorcing find that the situation tends to bring out the worst in themselves and their spouses. Separating couples should learn how to keep their emotions and behaviors in check so they can focus on getting through their ordeals and moving on with their lives. This may be much more easily said than done, but the following tips may be helpful.

How charged emotions can cost you in a divorce

Divorces happen for many reasons, and often, the apparent cause is not the root cause. As an example, infidelity may seem to be the reason for a divorce, but in actuality, the couple grew apart years ago to the point they were incompatible. In any case, divorces are frequently emotional, and it can be easy for your feelings to cost you in the short term and long term in the following ways.

Helping kids cope with divorce

Divorce is emotional, complex, and hard enough for the couple that is splitting up. At least it makes sense to the adults in the room. Often, children are confused and mistaken about what a divorce is and why it's happening--seemingly to them alone. Reactions depend on the child and the age, but there are universal actions that make a difference in helping them get through the tough transition without any scars.

Four common financial dangers of divorce

Roughly forty to fifty percent of all married couples will eventually divorce. Getting a divorce can have a large fiscal impact on any individual's overall financial picture. The right legal help can make sure that such financial dangers are minimized as much as possible and that both parties involved in the divorce receive a fair settlement.

Avvo Client Review

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