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Taking control of money issues during and after divorce

This can be an ultimately intuitive yet hardly satisfying at-the-moment takeaway for an Arizona spouse involved in a divorce with a person he or she can hardly stand the sight of any longer: realization that being financially charitable will pay dividends (both figuratively and literally) in post-divorce life.

Alimony planning is an example of new trends in the legal field

The citizens of Arizona should not be surprised to learn that when it comes to the law, keeping up with the latest trends is no mean feat; the consistent introduction of new laws forces lawyers to find novel ways to maneuver within this ever-changing labyrinth. What's more, failing to appreciate these complexities can be costly for both the lawyers and their clients.

Saving for a child's college education after divorce

Many Arizona parents are concerned about paying for a college education for their children, but those concerns may grow if they get a divorce. An Ameritrade study found that despite around 40 percent of marriages ending in divorce, only around one-third of couples have a financial plan in place in case of divorce or the death of one spouse.

Focusing on finances during divorce

A divorce is rarely easy. Emotions run high, and there are many legal factors to consider. That's why a lawyer is an important and expected part of any divorce "team." However, many Arizona spouses are also adding financial planners to their divorce teams. When divorcing, it is important to be as prepared as possible and avoid making rushed or emotional decisions.

A spouse's Social Security benefits can sometimes be relevant

Although many of our Arizona family law posts apply equally to men and women, today's entry is decidedly a bit more geared toward the latter. The topic spotlights spousal claims on an ex's Social Security work benefits, and it has historically been the case that benefits claimants are most often females.

Ways to save a shaky marriage

Arizona marriages that begin by observing traditional gender roles could be disrupted if the wife eventually enters the workforce. This can be especially true if a married woman starts making as much or more than her husband. In some cases, the husband will feel threatened by his wife's newfound success.

Bird nesting for children after divorce

Arizona parents who make the decision to divorce may wonder how to deal with living arrangements, especially when children are involved. Many divorcing parents are concerned with protecting the emotional and psychological health of their children, especially since divorce may involve major upheaval. Most traditional joint custody arrangements mean that children will travel between their parents' homes on a weekly basis. Joint custody can be very beneficial for children as it helps to secure their bond with both parents; however, it can also be a tough adjustment, especially immediately following a divorce.

Unquestionably, pets' welfare can complicate a divorce

Divorce-linked property division can entail some real complexity in a given Arizona divorce. Many separating couples - especially those with long-tenured marriages - understandably amass a considerable amount of assets, as well as various types of property. It is not a rarity for asset division to focus on a home, automobiles, additional realty holdings, investment/savings accounts, jewelry, artwork, memorabilia collections and more.

Older couples divorce at higher rates

Arizona couples over the age of 50 are divorcing at a higher rate than younger spouses. Part of the reason is that subsequent marriages fail at a higher rate than initial vows, but there appears to be a generational aspect as well. While divorce rates for the general population are now under 40 percent, they have doubled for those over 50. The phenomenon has sparked the term 'gray divorce" which refers to older couples calling it quits.

Avvo Client Review

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