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Why tech founders may want prenuptial agreements

Entrepreneurs may have little or nothing when they decide to get married. However, they may need to obtain a prenuptial agreement if they want to obtain outside investment in their companies. Founders in Arizona and elsewhere should also make sure that they will still have a controlling interest in their businesses if their marriages don't work out. There are many examples of startup founders using custom divorce agreements to protect their companies.

Prenups can be important to wedding planning

Couples in Arizona planning their weddings may not wish to think much about the possibility of divorce. Still, it can be practical to prepare for a potential worst-case scenario in advance. Given the fact that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, it can be a conscientious choice to plan for the future. A prenuptial agreement is one important way that engaged couples can plan for divorce while they maintain strong, positive and loving feelings for one another. Just as people put energy into planning their weddings and honeymoons, they can also benefit from paying serious attention to potential future conflicts.

The force behind the rise in prenups

Prenuptial agreements could sometimes be a touchy subject in the past, but research indicates that modern audiences may be more agreeable to these legal documents. Arizona residents might like to know more about who is using prenups more and why.

Initial marriage satisfaction may indicate long-term satisfaction

A study that was published in Social Psychology and Personality Science examined the link between initial and long-term marital satisfaction with special focus on economically disadvantaged couples. People in Arizona who are considering divorce might gain from knowledge of the study, which indicates that initial satisfaction is in many cases indicative of long-term satisfaction. Researchers from two universities used surveys to measure levels of marital satisfaction for 431 couples who lived in low-income areas.

Children also need help adjusting to a divorce

Parents in Arizona and throughout the country may have a hard time dealing with the fact that their marriage has come to an end. However, they must make sure that they stay strong for their children. It is important to never argue with the other parent in front of the kids or say bad things about them to a child.

Assets could be hidden in a number of ways

While it is generally illegal for an individual to hide or obscure assets in an Arizona divorce, it doesn't mean that people won't try to do so. There are many signs that people may want to look for to determine if their spouses are trying to hide assets. For instance, someone may try to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies thinking that the transactions will be too hard to trace.

Creating a financial strategy during a gray divorce

In Arizona and across the United States, "gray divorces" among couples over 50 are becoming more common. Gray divorces have doubled during the past 20 years. While understanding the reasons for a gray divorce may present unique challenges, one thing is certain - women who get gray divorces suffer more than men. For many older women, a gray divorce signals the end of a marriage in which their husbands were the primary breadwinners.

Divorcés must deal with expenses as single individuals

In Arizona and across the United States, the end of a marriage is often a negative psychological experience surpassing most emotional upheavals. After a divorce is finalized, legal issues can harm a spouse's financial state of affairs. A person who does not view the settlement with a focused mind may discover that it is impossible to live alone. Couples who divorce after being involved in lengthy marriages may face even more devastating financial circumstances.

Avvo Client Review

5 Stars

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