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Winning back child custody

Child custody disputes can be incredibly stressful. For parents who have lost custody of their children, knowing that the court thinks their kids are better off with somebody else can be emotionally debilitating. However, there are ways to win back custody in Arizona.

Tips for co-parenting following a divorce

Going through a divorce can be particularly difficult for Arizona parents, especially for those who will be sharing custody of their children. If the divorce was particularly contentious, parents may find it difficult to co-parent with their ex-spouse or ex-partner. However, working together can help the children transition from one household to two.

Meeting the needs of children in high-conflict divorces, Part 2

We last left off with Joan B. Kelly in our prior blog post, noting therein that the described "groundbreaking clinical psychologist and researcher" has a lot to say concerning the welfare of children in high-conflict divorces. That should hardly be surprising, given Kelly's half-century immersion in the subject matter.

Help your kids survive and thrive in the wake of divorce

You know what precious cargo means if you have children and are headed for an Arizona divorce. There is flatly nothing more important during the divorce process and thereafter than your focused attention - and that of your impending ex - on the best interests of your kids.

How to determine parenting time

When people in Arizona or anywhere else in America can't agree on how to divide custody of their children, a visitation schedule could be created for them. In some cases, a schedule is needed because the parents live a long distance from each other. However, it may also be necessary if the parties are unable or unwilling to come to an arrangement on their own.

OCSE tweaks collection system

Parents in Arizona who pay or receive child support may be interested to learn that almost $33 billion of child support was collected in the federal fiscal year 2016. According to a representative of the Office of Child Support Enforcement, 75 percent of the support that was collected was obtained through income withholding. The OCSE is taking certain steps and collaborating with payroll businesses and professionals to make sure the income withholding collection process continues to yield good results.

Entrepreneur finds marketing niche: co-parenting app

So-called computer and smartphone "apps" that address virtually every subject are seemingly being developed daily. Nothing more than a device in hand is needed to make music and videos, write a book, paint, monitor home security from afar and engage in a thousand other activities.

Avvo Client Review

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