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3 divorce myths debunked

If friends and family are giving you advice about your impending divorce, chances are you are hearing a lot of misleading tips. While these people may be sympathetic and have good intentions, you should take what they say with a grain of salt. There are many myths about divorce going around, and what works for one divorcing couple may not work for everyone. 

Understanding spousal maintenance in Arizona

If your Arizona marriage is coming to an end, you may, depending on the specifics of your situation, decide that you want to pursue spousal maintenance. Spousal maintenance, which is also called alimony, is a provision your husband or wife may have to make to you when your marriage ends so that you are able to maintain a certain quality of life.

Finding the right family law attorney

Hiring an attorney is often an investment, and when family law matters are on the line, you also want to feel confident that you have full faith in your lawyer’s ability to represent you and advocate on your behalf. Because the stakes are so high when hiring an attorney, it is important that you take the process seriously and that you perform a little due diligence of your own before signing on with a particular lawyer.

5 reasons you may be able to reduce alimony payments

You may be making spousal maintenance payments to support your ex after divorce. This is a normal aspect of many divorce settlement agreements. But what do you do when you are struggling to make alimony payments or you see your former spouse living with someone who can financially support him or her?

How to keep your divorce costs in check

If you are getting ready to file for divorce, make sure you have your finances in order. Divorces in the Phoenix Metro area are often expensive, especially if there is a lot of conflict between spouses. The longer it takes to resolve your divorce or if it ends up going to trial, the more likely it is you will end up with some expensive legal bills. 

Should you move out of the marital home?

As you work out the details of your divorce, one question that you may find is running through your mind is if you should move out of the marital home in the Phoenix metro area. You may not feel the need to do so, but you may no longer want to continue living in a place that has so many memories of you and your relationship with your ex-partner. 

3 benefits of a postnuptial agreement in Arizona

Prenuptial agreements are common knowledge, although not every couple utilizes them. These agreements detail asset ownership, financial responsibilities in the marriage and property division in the event of a divorce. Having a prenuptial agreement may make a divorce go more smoothly because the couple has already resolved many of the issues.

A brief overview of child custody in Arizona

Embarking on a divorce with young children in tow can add several layers of complication to what already tends to be a difficult process. Understanding the basic principles involved can set the stage for a more detailed discussion with your attorney about how best to meet the needs of your children.

Avvo Client Review

5 Stars

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