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Tips for finding the right family law attorney

If you are going through an Arizona divorce, you may feel isolated and alone, and that is entirely normal. Divorce can make you feel alienated from not only your partner but also your friends and family members, and it can prove difficult to decide who truly has your best interests at heart.

When it comes to choosing a family lawyer to help you navigate through the complexities of the process, you want to be sure you find someone who is worth the investment. This means that, not only should you find someone you believe is knowledgeable and capable, but you should also rely on someone who is a good fit for you on a personal level. When searching for a divorce or family law attorney, consider utilizing these tips.

What happens to kids’ college funds in a divorce?

When you and your partner decide that divorce is the best option, there will naturally be a number of questions to consider that you may not have planned for. If you have children, you will likely be negotiating custody arrangements. Details involving property division—such as college funds—will affect children, too. Here is what you should know about protecting college savings in the midst of a separation.

Here is what you should know about protecting college savings in the midst of a separation

3 reasons to consider mediation

Nowadays, couples divorce for many different reasons, and your divorce is not necessarily an indication that you and your soon-to-be-ex can longer work together effectively. In some situations, love simply fades over time. In others, divorcing parents may be able to put their differences aside to do what is in the best interests of their shared children.

If your situation with your partner is not especially acrimonious, you may want to consider undergoing divorce mediation as an alternative to a traditional courtroom divorce. Typically, the process involves you and your partner sitting down with an impartial third party known as a mediator who can help you work through your issues and navigate matters of asset division, child custody and so on. Many divorcing couples find that mediation offers many benefits:

Understanding spousal maintenance in Arizona

Facing divorce may get you thinking about all of the uncertainties that might follow. When you join your life with somebody else’s, you also join your goals, schedules and expenses. The last of these is why financial negotiations are often such a looming part of a separation. If your spouse was the higher earner, your financial security after divorce is a particularly important factor that should be taken into consideration.

In Arizona, spousal maintenance can provide such security. This term — which is typically interchangeable with alimony — refers to the allowance you may be granted in a divorce in order to maintain your standard of living. Here are three things you should know about it.

Understanding no-fault divorce in Arizona

Blame is often a hovering presence in a divorce. It is rare that any spouse will accept responsibility without reservation, and it is more common for spouses to assign responsibility to the other. In some cases, however, both partners agree that neither party is to blame for the separation. This may facilitate a no-fault divorce for couples in Arizona.

There are a few things that both spouses should know, however, before filing. Whether you plan to seek alimony or separate with no further stipulations, the process of no-fault divorce is unique. Arizona residents need to be aware of the following factors that may affect filing.

How divorce mediation works in Arizona

Divorcing couples in Arizona may opt to participate in mediation as an alternative or supplement to litigating their case in court. Many courts encourage the use of mediation; if you have children, a Family Court judge is likely to order you to mediate some or all parenting issues.

During mediation, a trained mediator facilitates discussion of disputed issues with the aim of achieving an agreement. While a mediator may explain some general concepts or rules, he or she may not give legal advice. For this reason, many people prefer to attend mediation sessions with their own attorneys.

5 social media mistakes to avoid during divorce

Going through a divorce is often a difficult, frustrating time, full of a roller coaster of emotions. Whether there are kids involved, you have been married for two years or 20, or you have minimal assets or millions of dollars, your future is at stake. As you move through your divorce, there are certain things you must avoid to protect yourself.

Social media makes it easy to vent your frustrations and feelings, and get supportive feedback from those who understand you and support you. Unfortunately, social media can also affect your divorce proceedings if you make any of the following five mistakes.

How to deal with a difficult ex-spouse

Dealing with the end of a marriage is challenging enough without having to cope with a difficult spouse. Many people in Peoria who are in the process of divorcing find that the situation tends to bring out the worst in themselves and their spouses. Separating couples should learn how to keep their emotions and behaviors in check so they can focus on getting through their ordeals and moving on with their lives. This may be much more easily said than done, but the following tips may be helpful.

How charged emotions can cost you in a divorce

Divorces happen for many reasons, and often, the apparent cause is not the root cause. As an example, infidelity may seem to be the reason for a divorce, but in actuality, the couple grew apart years ago to the point they were incompatible. In any case, divorces are frequently emotional, and it can be easy for your feelings to cost you in the short term and long term in the following ways.

Helping kids cope with divorce

Divorce is emotional, complex, and hard enough for the couple that is splitting up. At least it makes sense to the adults in the room. Often, children are confused and mistaken about what a divorce is and why it's happening--seemingly to them alone. Reactions depend on the child and the age, but there are universal actions that make a difference in helping them get through the tough transition without any scars.

How to talk to the children

Most children seek stability, viewing the world in a self-centered and dependent sense. Divorce is a frightening change, one that affects their core insecurities. The first conversation is the hardest, but keep in mind that it's the first of many.

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